The Working Memory Project

Take part in a large-scale scientific study to help us find out how your working memory is connected to key areas in your life.

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  • Working Memory Advantage

    As revolutionary as Emotional Intelligence, this is the first book to explore the tremendous importance of working memory—a stronger predictor of success in life than IQ—and provide a wealth of simple exercises for enhancing this crucial skill.

  • The Connected Intelligence

    Working memory is deeply connected to a great variety of human experience – from our childhood, to our old age, from our evolutionary past, to our digital future.

  • Improving Working Memory

    Your working memory is like your brain's Post-it Note. The amount of information you can remember has a huge influence on how well you do in the classroom and beyond.

  • Training Your Brain

    Whether you want to hone your memory, manage stress and anxiety, or simply eat brain healthy food, this guide will help you build brain health into your everyday life.